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Energy Security

Secure your electricity supply to cope with untimely power cuts tomaintain minimal operational activity through back-up power generators.

After an audit of your facilities, we develop an emergency security system according to the specificities of your sites. We identify any possible upgrades and we accompany you in their implementation. We secure the availability at any time of a back-up generator, in accordance with your power consumption and your location.

As technical support, we prepare a detailed emergency procedure dedicated to your site.

We provide you with a mobile application available on smartphone for more flexibility.

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  • Pictogramme acheminement réseau électrique

    Dispose of a workaround solution in the event of a grid power cut

  • Chargement

    Maintain minimal operational activity through back-up power generator

  • Accord

    Reassure your customers and insurers

Our expertise

  • Circuit imprimé
    The Smart Data solution for your warehouses

    Monitor your refrigerant plants (temperatures, technical alarms) through our global connected supervision system.

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  • Equipement sous pression
    Pressure Equipment regulatory compliance

    Numerous in the industry, these equipment are one of the main risk factors. Blue EnerFreeze lists your pressure equipment and ensure that you are compliant with regulation.

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