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Forêt enneigée

Producer of a sustainable, optimized, and secured cooling energy

We contribute to the economic and energetic performance of our customers, mainly acting in temperature-controlled transport and logistics services.


Our mission:  provide our customers with the energy required to maintain the cold chain through energy performance with both low carbonapproach and sustainable development.

Thanks to our expertise, use of new technologies and development of renewable energies we supply, optimize, and secure the energy necessary to your industrial activity.

Enter the Industry 4.0 era and manage your energy.

We develop innovative digital tools to monitor, analyse and manage your energy data and consumption.

Discover our expert services designed to secure and optimize your energy, from production to consumption.

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Key figures

  • 155

    Number of delivery points supplied in energy every day.
  • 365 GWh

    The total annual consumption of our customers is comparable to the energy consumption of the population of Lisboa.
  • 20%

    Potential savings identified annually for our customers.
Machine de froid

Our core activity

We support our customers in their energy issues.

Choose your winning energy purchasing strategy:
After a study of your consumption profile, we recommend an action plan focusing both on your electricity purchasing and on your consumption needs. We assess your energy expenses and your potential sources of optimization.
We negotiate and optimize your cooling energy contracts throughout their lifespan.

Diversify your energy resources:
We offer to diversify your energy supply and study the possibility of building photovoltaic power plants on your new or existing buildings.

Collect and analyze your data with powerful digital tools:
Thanks to our dedicated customer web platform, you can easily track, compare and analyse your energy data everywhere and trigger all our expert services.

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